Introduction to Our Company

In the year 1975, amidst a significant surge in oil prices and promising forecasts for local economic expansion, Ibrahim AlHodaithy discerned domestic business trends. Fueled by this insight, he embarked on the establishment of a company alongside experienced partners. This venture was centered on the domains of cosmetics, perfumery, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, and OTC products, driven by the anticipations of substantial developmental opportunities and growth prospects.

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Introduction to Our Company

After accumulating extensive experience spanning approximately two decades, Ibrahim AlHodaithy discerned, through preliminary estimations, the distinctive and appealing potential of the Eastern Province within the Kingdom. This realization prompted his decision to initiate his own business ventures and trade activities in this region.

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Our Services

We have 25 years experience in the business of essential, high-quality, competitively priced pharmaceuticals, medical and OTC products.

Pharmaceutical Products

The pharmaceutical industry encompasses the discovery, development, production, and marketing of drugs or medications for patient use, aimed at curing ailments, providing vaccinations, or alleviating symptoms.

Consumer Products

Consumer products, often termed final goods, are purchased by individuals or households for personal use. They are items consumed by the average consumer, and understanding consumer behavior is pivotal in tailoring products to diverse habits.

Logistics Services

Our logistics services involve strategic planning of warehouses and distribution centers to optimize operations and capacity. We coordinate transportation activities, manage information from origin to delivery, oversee transportation movements, and arrange necessary services for seamless operations.

Why Hodaithy International Group?

  • We boast highly skilled and accomplished sales and marketing teams adept at harnessing all available opportunities for our suppliers' brands within the local market. Our primary focus is on achieving our suppliers' goals and objectives, fostering enduring partner relationships for the long term. Additionally, we offer qualified and professional sales and marketing management, supported by robust financial resources and assets to further strengthen our capabilities.
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Our Mission

Our mission is dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional products of the highest international quality, aiming to enhance their lifestyles significantly. By harmonizing top-notch product quality, unparalleled service excellence, and a high standard of professional expertise, we strive to deliver outstanding value, benefiting all our stakeholders.

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Our Strategy

  • At Hodaithy International Group, our strategy revolves around acquiring new businesses that align with our vision, investing strategically to stimulate internal growth, and fostering synergies among our diverse business sectors. We diligently monitor operational performance across all areas to consistently reduce costs and enhance returns on sales. Our focus remains on sustained growth and innovation to meet evolving market demands.

Latest Products

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Our Successful Partners

Our Group has diversified business ranges with its highly developed and advanced two distribution companies. Based on our strong financial position, we are ready for heavy investment in the existing OR any new potential business with strategic planning and long-term collaboration with our current and new suppliers.

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